Is the Chania region in Crete a good place to retire to?

Is the Chania region in Crete a good place to retire to?

Chania, the last decades, is a place where many retirees choose to go and start a new life. Its natural beauties, including stunning sea and beaches, fascinating mountains, and exciting countryside nature, will charm even the most tired retiree.

Nowadays, Chania has transformed into a melting pot of various nationalities and ethnicities of people who have migrated to the Crete island seeking a permanent or semi-permanent place of residence.

Chania has everything a retiree could want – great Mediterranean climate; an established and welcoming expatriates' community; well-rated health care system; endless outdoor activities for fun; all-year-round cultural events; low crime rate; an affordable cost of living, especially when you consider the quality of life; and easy access both from the Greece mainland and to and from all Europe. In every municipality of Chania, there are organized structures for the support and care of the elderly living alone.

Chania has considerably more affordable housing than Athens, but home prices are still high compared with other parts of the country. Housing costs are far less in Chania than in other similar coastal European cities across the Mediterranean.

Chania is a popular place to live, enjoy warm sunny days and relax at the fabulous beaches. Chania’s mild climate allows retirees to enjoy the outdoors year-round. When you're ready for an adventure, there is plenty to explore at the mountain trails and the countless canyons, and of course, swimming on the crystal-clear beaches around the island.

Chania is an ideal home base from which to explore Crete's most impressive natural places.

You could spend your retirement years watching idyllic sunsets on the edge of the magnificent Cretan coastlines or at the scenic villages that are perched on the exciting, rough mountains.

If your retirement dream is to live among nature in a friendly, welcoming community, consider retirement in Chania, where you can easily find everything you might need.


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