Pet owners and home rentals, the current situation in Greece

Pet owners and home rentals, the current situation in Greece

Over the last few years, it is hard to find a residence for a long-term rental. The sharp decrease in the construction pace during the recent economic crisis and the significant upsurge of the short-term rentals, especially in tourist areas and big urban centers, are some of the reasons for this unpleasant situation. An analysis of this development has already been interpreted in one of our articles.

The house-hunting becomes a more difficult and complicated affair for those who have chosen a pet as their companion. What is observed in recent years in Greece, especially during the pandemic, is that the number of people who have pets has significantly increased.

The terms and conditions for a home rental to a pet owner are defined in Law 4039/2012, which explicitly states that it is acceptable to have pets in each residence. To see the provisions of the law in more detail, click here. In the case of an apartment building, the regulation governing its operation cannot prohibit pets' keeping. Still, even if there is such a provision, we must be aware that the law provisions prevail.

Unfortunately, there is a negative attitude towards the acceptance of pets in home rentals in the market, especially in newly built properties, even though permitted by the law. Today most rentals are published through various websites highlighting the non-acceptance of pets. Thus, many pet owners conceal their pets from the lessors, fearing that the landlord will refuse to enter the lease.

Such handling from the side of the tenant is in the wrong direction. It gives the lessor the ability to terminate the rental, especially if there is a clause on the private rental agreement that prohibits pets' hosting.

On the other hand, the lessor’s insistence on excluding tenants based on their choice to have pets is in the wrong direction as well. Probably they haven’t an in-depth approach to this issue. They should be aware that a conscious coexistence with pets shows sensitive and cultured people.

We should always bear in mind that a property rental, especially housing, is a continuous human relationship and should be handled. Honesty and mutual respect should govern this relationship. An agreement drawn up as per the provisions of the legislation, in which the specific terms that have been commonly accepted will be clearly reflected, will be the basis for a sustainable and beneficial relationship.

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