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ID: CHAGI00058 Plot for sale in Agios Ioannis Chania

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Plot for sale, in a very beautiful neighborhood, in ​​Agios Ioannis, Chania.

On this plot of land of 288m2, there is an old building that could either be renovated or demolished and a new building could be constructed.

The owner of the plot has already prepared preliminary plans for its exploitation, which show the possibility of constructing three small, very functional maisonettes. The detailed plans of the proposed buildings and their layout can be downloaded from our website.

The location of the plot is very convenient as it combines the fact that it is located in the center of the city with all the facilities nearby, while at the same time in a quiet neighborhood.

It is a very interesting investment proposal in the city center considering the huge demand for housing at that area as well as the great potentials due to the upcoming transformation of the military camp “Markopoulos” to a main municipal park.

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